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KP Vaccination Site Solano Valley

Partnering with Kaiser, over 155,000 vaccines were administered in Solano Valley.

Together with Kaiser Permanente, we have created multiple mass vaccination sites over the past year and have vaccinated over 165,000 people! We are so proud to be able to help underserved communities, not only with vaccines, but by employing hundreds of local unemployed during the event and contracting local businesses to provide goods and services.

In Solano county only we:

  • vaccinated over 155,000 people

  • Employed hundreds of local employees for ten month contractors

  • Contracted local business's to provide goods and services.

We are so proud to be a minority owned company leading this effort at the highest level.

"The pivot I made in January 2021 after 31 years of producing live event and concerts changed my life forever. The call and partnership I got from Kaiser to build, manage, and run logistics in Vallejo in underserved markets was extremely rewarding. The vaccine is the biggest star I have ever worked with." - Bill Hammond

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